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Name: 4xRealWebPhoto_v2_rgt_s
License: CC BY 4.0
Author: Philip Hofmann
Network: RGT
Network Option: RGT-S
Scale: 4
Release Date: 10.03.2024
Purpose: 4x real web photo upscaler, meant for upscaling photos downloaded from the web
Iterations: 220'000
epoch: 5
batch_size: 16
HR_size: 128
Dataset: 4xRealWebPhoto_v2 (see details in attached pdf file in github release)
Number of train images: 1'086'976 (or 543'488 pairs)
OTF Training: No
Pretrained_Model_G: RGT_S_x4

Description: 4x real web photo upscaler, meant for upscaling photos downloaded from the web. Trained on my v2 of my 4xRealWebPhoto dataset, it should be able to handle realistic noise, jpg and webp compression and re-compression, scaling and rescaling with multiple downscampling algos, and handle a little bit of lens blur.

Thought featuring degraded images in the examples, this model should also be able to handle good quality input.

Details about the approach/dataset I made to train this model (and therefore also what this model would be capable of handling) is in the attached pdf in the github release.

My previous tries of this dataset, meaning v0 and v1, will get a separate entry, though this version would be recommended over them.

12 Examples on Slowpics

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Private use
Commercial use
Credit required
State Changes
No Liability & Warranty
Dataset size543488
Training iterations220000
Training epochs5
Training batch size16
Training HR size128
Training OTFNo

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