How To Upscale
Goof Troop 1

2x Pooh V4

Purpose: Compression Removal, Noise Reduction, Line Correction, MPEG2 / LD Artifact Removal

This is my first model release. The model was inspired from a personal project which I have been pursuing for some time now, which this model aims to solve. This model will upscale low resolution hand drawn animation from 1970s to 2000. The colors are retained with effective noise control. Details and Textures are maintained to a good degree considering animations. Color Spills are also corrected depending on the colors. Shades of white and yellows have been difficult. It also makes the lines slightly sharper and thinner. This could be a plus depending on your source. The model is also temporally stable across my tests with little observable issues.

Showcase: Images - Video Sample - vs Upscale -

Color Mode
Private use
Credit required
Same License
State Changes
No Liability & Warranty
DatasetCustom dataset of The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh images. I downloaded interlaced Laserdisc transfers of the show. Then the show was de-interlaced without additional filters. Corresponding HQ episodes of the show were sourced from the web. The images were extracted and paired to make the LR and HR set. The HR then was further treated for Noise and Lines via SCUNet and Dotzilla. The resultant set of images is considered as GT.
Training batch size32
Training HR size128
Training OTFNo

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